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Meet The Team


Recognizing that LIFE is often times complicated, this husband and wife couple have dedicated

their lives to family.  Since family is made up on people, they offer unique perspective involving

their lives as youth, their marriage, and their parent-children relationships.  Ronnie & Cinnamon provide in-depth perspectives, that work, if you are willing to listen?

Ronnie Moore


A born leader and problem-solver, Ronnie's life perspective has been the constant pursuit of improvement.  He embodies hopefulness, and has the ability to direct others in managing business, family and inter-personal relationships.  With a resume covering corporate, industry, and government sectors - Ronnie offers tangible solutions.

Cinnamon Moore



Cinnamon navigates life with elegance and depth.  She has a people-first mentality that measures emotional health while considering intra-personal self awareness.  With a heart of gold, she completely understands servant-leadership, family and non-profit priorities.

Tricia Green



Trinity proves support to our Adult-in-Training Constituency.  She interprets social media relevance, and assists in communicating risks, consequences and perceived value. 

Naomi Middleton


Naomi is an author, a poet and a theorist.  Her studies in history, equality and women's rights ensures that life maintains balance so that the negative components of history do not repeat themselves.

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