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EmBrace Your Vision

I had never seen a double rainbow, so I pulled over on the side of the interstate to capture the moment while driving through New Mexico in 2016. To be completely honest - the concept or possibility of a double rainbow had NEVER crossed my mind but it was brilliant and I just couldn't take my eyes off of it.

Likewise there are many things in life that do exist or could exist, but you cannot or have not envisioned them. A dream or a vision is a future hope. In a simple analogy let's consider someone that had braces installed on their teeth at some point. Somehow, someway - they caught a glimpse of how their future could be improved, and they took hold of that opportunity.

You see - Braces require vision. Sometimes the pending changes or adjustments are exclusively your perceptions, invisible to others. Regardless, before you agree to must have a reality check, and subsequently believe that there is a way to move or realign your teeth from their current position into a better or best position. Then once you accept this future possibility, you have developed a VISION. Vision is seeing, actually conceptualizing, future possibilities. Because you envision beautiful, straight teeth in your future, you submit yourself to the predefined process designed to meet this goal. With all facts considered, you head off to the dentist willing to accept the inconvenience, discomfort and accountability of wearing braces in order to achieve the beautiful, straight teeth that you now visualize.

Sometimes situations in our lives require vision, but the solution seems so much farther away than our general dentist. Have no fear, take a time out...a deep breath, focus and embrace your vision. Once you have a vision, start taking notes until you have a relatively complete blueprint, then pursue it vigorously while understanding the associated costs, risks and rewards.

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