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The you in the mirror

When you look in the mirror - what do you see? Are there areas of your life that need significant improvement, that would appear out of focus when viewed in a mirror or through the lens of a camera?

Do you allow others to see you or merely a reflection of your true self, something superficial that you want the world to see? Imagine what it would take for your eyes to match your reality, for you to reduce your stress and actually find balance. Would joy be your characteristic or is misery your reality? Now take a deep breath, self-assess, reflect and accept that things could get worse, but they don't have to. Start living today instead of dying!

If you were not focusing on your reflected image, and you captured a selfie - would you view yourself favorably or with concern. This is how others see you, when you are in neutral, so what does it look like? Everyone has a story, but I'd like you to reflect on your dreams and hopeful...

You don't have to live like a moron, just listen to MooreRon!

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