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Bracers and Braces

From time to time in life you need braces, which are systems and you need bracers which are people, in order to survive and become the most healthy and capable you. Braces require submission of your will to the process.

Braces hold you to a predefined standard so that you do not deviate. They work to hold you properly in place until you are strong enough to stand on your own, until the desired adjustments have been achieved, or until you've arrived at a pre-defined end state.

How many braces and bracers do you see everyday?

An example of Bracers:







Police (by exception)

An example of Braces:

Training Wheels

Dental braces, Casts/Splints


Forms (Construction)

Bridge Cables

Railroad Tracks

You don't have to live like a moron, just listen to MooreRon!

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