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Braces and Scars

Braces can hurt, and braces can scar.

I saw a tree bent over the roadway today, providing a potential future hazard, and I thought - A brace would have kept that tree from bending and sagging at a 70 degree angle. Some factor, the weight of the fruit, the wind, something influenced that tree to shift uncharacteristically, but proper vertical bracing would have mitigated the problem.

When I was a little boy and I got my first bike - it had training wheels on it. These training wheels were a form of bracing. They literally braced my bike in the upright position. It took exceptional effort for me to tip it over. As long as I drove in a straight line, and did not make sharp turns, I stayed up right. When I did act aggressively, jumping ramps or curves, I wrecked and skinned an elbow or a knee.

Likewise with braces on a persons teeth...the actual braces themselves potentially leave scars on the inside of your jaws/cheeks. With teeth, as your mouth adjusts to the ever so slight adjustments that are being made to your teeth, they ache, they bleed, they scar...but they also shift.

Braces are part of life process, but so are scars. As your position changes in life...on the bike, in your mouth, or for your tree - the braces need to be adjusted. As the situation evolves, the braces are periodically tweaked...tightened, or loosened as needed, but they continue to steer you in the proper direction. Braces only work when the bearer is attempting to stay in proper alignment.

You don't have to live like a moron, just listen to MooreRon!

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