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A Leaders' Biggest Misperception

1776...Thomas Jefferson..."all men are created equal"...

Umm - not so! Since this is not a history lesson, I simply assert that the last time that men

or women are equal is at the point of conception. That's right - when egg and sperm meet;

everything for everybody is identical. From that point forward - embryos can split, form

differently, remain adjoined, deform, etc. While Jefferson's statement served it's purpose at

the time, history has shown the statement to be more poetic injustice than truth.

In the 21st century, a leader's biggest misperception is tied to the notion that these equal

men and women should act equally in the face of input. Clearly, we find this to be untrue

everyday, yet there is no social easy button to fix the disparity. I submit to you that there are different life experiences and variables that influence some while not others...Economics, Family, Social, Religious, Geographic, Culture, Relationship paradigms to name a few. All inject different impulses, with each stimuli eliciting a different response from each recipient.

Leadership cannot be a cookie cutter solution, because each participant is an individual.

Our job as leaders is to understand each potential follower, observe what out of bounds

means to them, and stay in bounds. Avoid inflammatory speech and actions as a leader,

and while treating people equally, understand that there are many times more differences

than similarities. Go forth and succeed in leadership, not losership!

Don't live like a moron, just listen to MooreRon!

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